Is the D13 training programme for everyone?

Everything prescribed by us can be scaled from the complexity of the movement to the intensity of the workout. Members / athletes must first show control in the movements followed by a full range e.g. depth of a squat before they get to increase their weights during the workout. Beginners will go through ‘Foundation’ to learn the basics and develop a better understanding of our Pack and Team FMA training philosophy. Yes it is for everyone.

What is foundation?

Beginners must complete an introductory course before taking part in any of our Pack / FMA training sessions. You will be taught the right technique for all the essential movements and skills required to perform the movements in a safe and efficient manner. New intake starts on the first/second week of the month with two sessions per week lasting an hour each.

I have done some lifting at my gym. Must I go through your foundation programme?

Yes. We want to set a good standard for everyone.

I completed a foundation programme in a CrossFit box. Must I go through it again?

No, but we will need a support letter/email from your previous coach. If you feel that you only need a quick refresher, we offer personal coaching as well.

I lift weights regularly and I just want to know how different is D13 programme from other workouts?

You seem to love barbells. Mix it with a few bodyweight movements as part of a high intensity interval training together with a bunch of like-minded people who wants to get better each rep/round. Never done any Olympic Weightlifting or gymnastic movements like the muscle up? Sign up for our foundation or drop by for a trial and we will scale the movements for you. Email us for a trial date.

Will I get ‘too bulky’ from doing your training or is it more of weight loss programme?

If it was that easy to bulk up, the fashion industry would have paid its price. At our box we focus on anaerobic and aerobic threshold training system.
Everyone stand to gain overall fitness level as well as posture, mobility and strength. You are only as good as your training and how well you eat. We can promise you the knowledge and tools to reach your respective goals from losing weight to even competing in local CrossFit/ Weightlifting/ Obstacle Course competition. We must not also neglect good eating habits because getting the right nutrition and lifestyle change will only guarantee your success in losing or gaining muscle mass. Pack / FMA training will definitely help you develop a solid metabolic rate.

I just want to sweat it out and weightlifting is too intimidating. Do you have something else for me?

It all starts with a good mindset and understand the basis of our fear. Some lifting enthusiasts may have portrayed the workouts as hardcore only because they have pushed themselves in such way. We all start somewhere and with regards to sports related injury from doing some of the movements, people hurt their back from lifting flower pots at home too. Any activity participated without good understanding of the right technique and pace may only cause injury. Our training programme is for everyone and yes, we also have other HIIT classes like Primal Express and Sweat Sesh if barbells are not your kind of thing. Email us to book a trial.

The membership costs more than my current gym – why is this?

We expect you to show up at least 3 times a week to put a smile on our experienced coaches / trainers. At D13 we want the best out of you in each session that will never involve boring machines and never alone. You will be assessed both performance in training and progress towards health and fitness goals part of a broader tailored programme. Members will also get access to WODIFY to track their performance and sign into classes on the go, manage their membership subscription, and interact with other members at the box from any device.

I am visiting from another CrossFit box. Do you have any flexible packages for my ‘X’ months of stay?

Yes we do. Check out our membership packages. Email us before dropping in.

Can I sign up and do my own programme instead?

Our open gym days are on every Thursday and Saturday. However, we may need to vet through your programme to know if we can accommodate you as best possible.

Do you have changing and showering facilities?

Yes and it gets cleaned every day. Just bring your own towel.

What do I have to wear and bring for any of the classes in D13?

Wear your most comfortable sports attire and bring your willpower. Please leave your ego by the door.

Do you sell water or food?

We sell drinking water and coconut juice. You may order food from GoClean and get it delivered to our box.

Can I still workout during pregnancy? Is there a timeframe after giving birth before I can resume training? What if I have an old injury? Is there a restriction if I’m on some kind of medication?

Some questions do not have a one size fit all answer. Please drop us an email about your condition to get the best advice from experts in respective their field.